Jazzology Playlist 07.09.15 - Jens Bunge im Studio

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Jens Bunge (harmonica) Photo Schindelbeck



Jens Bunge, nicht nur bei uns wohlbekannt, sondern ein gern gesehener Gast in Asien als "Harmonica Player", war zum wiederholten Male Gast im Bermudafunk Studio. Diesmal hatte er eine Reihe von Titeln im Gepäck bei denen er als Gast mitspielte. Natürlich auch hier mit vielen internationalen Musikern, die uns u.a. zwei bestätigte Hörer aus Neuseeland im Livestream bescherten. Thank you for listening, Russell Stedman from Christchurch (wir spielten aus seiner CD “Living Thing” den Titel “The Moon”) und Julienne Durrant, aus Wellington :-)





Morning Song 5:38

1 – Kai Sommer Trio + Strings - Smile



Alone In Paris 5:36

10 - Melissa Tham – Falling In Love Again



The Moon 6:02

07- Rusted Man – Living Thing



Jazz Nuts 5:35

09 - Reiner Ziegler & Friends – A Rose Is A Rose



The Arkansas Traveler Is Home 3:58

7 - Rick Smith - The Liminal Man



Baby And Her Ways 4:25

6 – Xiong Lee – Xiong 



The Moon Was Yellow 3:44

Shamus Dark

...den Titel konnten wir nicht komplett ausspielen - daher findet er sich unten als Video.



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Kommentar von Russell Stedman | 12.09.2015


Hello Jazzology und Bermudafunk. We listened to you and my good friend Jens at 7am while making our breakfast on a beautiful spring morning in Christchurch, New Zealand. What a way to start the day! Superb music by Jens and all the featured artists, and a thoughtful observational interview.

In his quiet and open-hearted way, Jens makes a big contribution to the development of jazz in Asia. Unlike many musicians of his caliber, he doesn't mind that we can't provide him with a backing group that matches his talent. Jens joins in no matter what our level, makes us sound better by adding his spice and color, and models for us what a real master can do with their instrument. His humble approach has inspired dozens and probably hundreds of musicians to stretch themselves, because he makes us think: "hey, maybe I could be that good one day!"

The first time I met Jens, we were having dinner with a mutual friend Ronald de Leon and his family before playing an outdoor gig at a shopping mall in Penang. I asked Jens what he played. When he said "harmonica", I thought, "oh boy, anyone who can breathe thinks they can play harmonica. He's going to huff and puff like Bob Dylan". But at the first note he played, my jaw dropped open. This was the first time I'd played with a true master. What a privilege to have Jens play on my album!

Russell Stedman



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