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New Zealand, once again...
4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Japan
New Zealand
New CD "Auf eigenen Fuessen" ("On One’s Own Feet")
Las Vegas und New York

Pictures of my recent tour to Chicago

Writer for "The Harmonica Educator"

New CD out !!!

Pictures of my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

Workshop beim World Harmonica Festival 2001 in Trossingen
3rd Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Seoul/Korea
CD-recording in Chicago

Toots Thielemanns comment about the new CD!

New Zealand, once again…

In autumn, I spent another ten days in Wellington, playing a couple of gigs.


On my way to New Zealand, I had a stopover for half a day in Singapore, where I conducted a workshop about "jazz on chromatic harmonica" at the club house of the "Harmonica Afficionados Society".

4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 
in Atsugi/Japan

From July 30 through August 4, the 4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival took place near Tokyo. Besides my job as a judge of the harmonica competitions, I had a performance at the gala-concert with jazz pianist Jiro Kizaki.

A selection of pictures of this event can be seen at the website of the All Japan Harmonica Federation at http://www.geocities.co.jp/MusicHall-Horn/1514/eindex.htm and at Ling-Zi Chong’s private photo collection website http://www.geocities.com/harmonicaclub.

I am also invited, together with Uli Wagner, for the next Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Hong Kong in August 2004.


4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 
in Atsugi/Japan

From July 30 through August 4, the 4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival will be held near Tokio. Due to my contacts with the Asian harmonica-scene, I will once again participate in this event which will be attended by several hundreds of harmonica enthusiasts.

I’ve also been invited, together with Uli Wagner, for the next festival in Hong Kong in August 2004.

New Zealand

This spring, I once again spent some time in New Zealand playing with jazz musicians from Wellington. Besides a guest performance with the band "The Boptet", I sat in a couple of times with the group "Deja Blue".

For autumn, a concert tour is planned, followed by the recording of a new CD.




While here in Germany October showed up with some warm and sunny days, I spent my time on the other side of the globe, in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital.

The main purpose of this trip was to visit my girlfriend Wangyue, but I also had some musical mission.

With the great support of Wellington’s blues harmonica player Neil Billington and drummer Mark Lockett, I performed at "The Flamingo", the venue of the Wellington Jazz Club, in front of an audience of over 100 people. With me on stage were some of the best jazz musicians in town: James Illingworth (p), Paul Dyne (b), Mark Lockett (dr) and Nick van Dijk on flugelhorn.

My musical activities were rounded by the jam session at the "Blue Note Bar", a guest performance with the jazz trio "The Vipers" at the restaurant "The Beacon" and an interview at the local jazz radio station Radio Active89 FM.

In order to expand my knowledge of the technical aspects of the instrument, I visited Greg Dyer, the creator of the extensive harmonica-information website "Harp On!".

Thanks to all who made my stay so pleasant – despite the rainy weather and a flu -, first and foremost to Wangyue, Neil, Mark and Greg!

New CD "Auf eigenen Fuessen" ("On One’s Own Feet")

This summer, my guitar player Uli Wagner and I recorded a CD at the sound studio of Palatina Viva, a record label which specializes in promoting artists from the Palatinate, the beautiful wine-growing area in southwestern Germany - the region in which I live.

This project is a co-production with the "Diakonisches Werk", a charity organisation of the Protestant Church, which raises funds for "Brot für die Welt" ("Bread to the World !"), with the purpose of helping people in developing countries to help themselves, to be able to stand "on their own feet".

Together with guest musician Ralf Himer, percussion, and actors Karin Schroeder and Klaus Goette, the CD features music and German poetry around the given motifs "feet, path, traces".

Release date of the CD is 15 October.

Important note: Even if you are not able to understand German, you will definitely enjoy the music and the meditative character of this album. Furthermore, 20 % of the price of this CD will be donated to support the afore-mentioned charity . Please contact me for further details.


(Foto) Uli Wagner, Jens Bunge and sound engineer Uwe Henke



Las Vegas and New York

From the end of June to the beginning of July I spent a week in Las Vegas. There I had the opportunity to sit in with the "Moses Hazan Trio" which performed in the lounge of the "Golden Gate". Unfortunately, this excellent jazz group had to compete with the continuos ringing and jingle of the coins from the surrounding slot machines...

Bill Romel, who overhauled and gold plated a harmonica for me about two years ago, invited me to his home. In his garage-workshop, he showed me some of his tricks and secrets of harmonica repair.

A trip to the Grand Canyon completed my week in the desert (with temperatures up to 118 ° F !), before I flew to New York.  

There I visited the "Coffee Shop" at Union Square and took the chance to play with the quartet of the great vocalist Maucha Adnet, who has, among others, worked with Antonio Carlos Jobim and Randy Brecker.

The photo features, from left to right: Jose Pienasolla (bass), Helio Alves (piano), Maucha Adnet (voc), and Duduka da Fonseca (drums).



On my last night in the United States I attended the jam session at "Smoke", with, among others, John Farnsworth (sax) and Eddie Henderson (trp), and spent my final bucks...


Pictures of my recent tour to Chicago

In April I was in Chicago again and played some concerts to promote my recent CD "Meet You In Chicago". Thanks to all, who helped to make my time in the "Windy City" so pleasant!

Jens Bunge Quartett

"Chicago Reader", April 6, 2001

Scott Holman Trio featuring Jens Bunge

Jens & Marshall Vente


Writer for "The Harmonica Educator"

From this year on I am a regular writer for the quarterly issued international magazine
"The Harmonica Educator"

By request of Richard Martin, editor and publisher, I write (side by side with Jamey Aebersold) a series of articles for the column "The World of Jazz" to initiate the readers into the secrets of improvising on the chromatic harmonica.

New CD out !!!

My new CD "Meet You In Chicago", recorded in April 2000, has finally come out.

As always, to anyone who orders directly from me I guarantee the best deal (20 US $ including s & h) and quick delivery.

Please click here for more information and (soon) soundclips .

Pictures of my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

Around New Year I spent a week in Kuala Lumpur where I met with Chong Ah Kow, a great promoter of the harmonica in Malaysia whom I know from the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Seoul. Besides a short performance at his harmonica class of the YMCA I was also invited to play at a wedding dinner in the Renaissance Hotel on New Year's Eve, in front of 500 guests. Afterwards we went to the Twin Towers to watch the great fireworks and welcome the new millenium (at tropical temperatures !) . Here are some pictures of this week in K.L.:


Workshop at the World Harmonica Festival 2001 in Trossingen


At the coming World Harmonica Festival which takes place in Trossingen/Germany from 24 - 28 October and which expects hundreds of harmonica lovers from all parts of the world, I'll once again conduct a workshop about "Jazz on Chromatic Harmonica". For more details about the festival see their website at www.whf-2001.de.



3rd Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Seoul/Korea

From 1 - 4 August I had the chance to participate in this gathering of harmonica players from all Asia. I can hardly describe the friendliness and hospitality I experienced in Korea.

The team of the Korean jazz label GOOD INTERNATIONAL, Wayne, Sam and Eve, helped me in so many ways, starting with an unexpected pick-up service when I arrived at the airport some days prior to the festival, continueing with sightseeing tours, invitations to drink and dinner and last but not least by finding me a local jazz guitar player for my performance at the gala concert. Thanks a lot !

The harmonica festival was certainly another highlight of my musical career; more than 1000 harmonica players and harmonica lovers from Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan filled the rooms and halls of the luxurious Olympia Hotel Seoul, actively competing in the various categories of the contest, listening to the competitors, attending workshops or visiting the nightly gala concerts.

The organization team, presided by Mr. Lee Hea Bong, did everything to make my stay as pleasant as possible; in order to make sure that I didn't get lost and kept my time schedule I had my own escort service, a nice young lady who guided me to the rooms where I had to judge, carried my harmonica bag, served refreshments and escorted me to the restaurant for lunch and dinner. I can't count how often I had to pose for photos or how many autographs I wrote; after two days I had run out of my name cards, but carried at least 40 addresses of new friends in my pocket.

Here's a small selection of pictures:

The Jury "The Jury"
With Sam & Eve in the office of Good International With Sam & Eve at the office of "Good International"
Spontane Blues-Session mit Mr. Zong, Big Joe & Monsieur Jean Labre Spontane Blues-Session mit Mr. Zong, Big Joe & Monsieur Jean Labre
Kim Hyông Jun (git) & Jens Bunge (harm) Kim Hyông Jun (git) & Jens Bunge (harm)

CD recording in Chicago

In April I was in a sound studio in Chicago to record my new CD. Besides this I also had the chance to sit in and play at some concerts. Here a selection of pictures with impressions of that most exciting week:
  • Thomas Guenther, piano - German-born, has been living in Chicago for three years and teaches at the Music Department of Columbia University

  • Michael Arnopol, bass - plays and records with pianist and singer Patricia Barber for the renown "Blue Note" label.

  • Rusty Jones, drums - working with George Shearing for seven years, he became surely one of the world's best players on the brushes

Besides these excellent musicians, there were also some guest soloists in the studio:

  • Jackie Allen, vocals - shooting-star of the Chicago-scene, performs worldwide at clubs and festivals

  • Greg Fishman, tenor sax - insiders regard him as a legitimate successor of Stan Getz, whose solos he has transcribed and published

  • Diane Delin, violin - played among others with Ray Charles, Manhattan Transfer and the Frank Sinatra Orchestra

  • Joe Pardon, percussion - one of Chicago's foremost salsa-/latin-players

  • Judy Roberts, piano & vocals - internationally working musician; I first met her in 1995 when she and her band played in Singapore. In 1998 I met her again in her home town Chicago, where she introduced me to the jazz scene and thus kind of laid the foundations of this CD

At the end of June the recorded tracks were mixed and mastered at "Klangstudio Leyh" in Heidelberg-Sandhausen. The CD will be released in September on the jazz4ever label.


Rusty, Thomas, Michael, Jens, Greg, Greg, Joe & Diane

mit Jackie Allen

mit Judy Roberts

The Master of Jazz Harmonica himself, Toots Thielemans, wrote the following note about my new CD





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