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Jens Bunge was born September 24, 1963.

At the age of 18, he began to teach himself to play the chromatic harmonica. Influenced by the recordings of Toots Thielemans, he soon found his passion for jazz.

In the mid 80s, while studying theology at the University of Heidelberg (Bunge is an ordained Protestant minister!), he began to perform with local big bands and jazz groups.

The following years saw him as a guest soloist with the Thilo Berg Big Band featuring Ack van Rooyen and Barbara Dennerlein (www.barbaradennerlein.com), with Art Farmer, Bill Ramsey and the German Jazz Orchestra BuJazzO (http://www.bujazzo.de/), conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer.

Being an untiring globetrotter, Jens Bunge has been playing his harmonica on all five continents: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, Honolulu, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Cape Town are just a few of the locations where he appeared as a featured guest (Picture Gallery).

At the European Harp Festival 1996 and the World Harmonica Festivals 1997 and 2001 in Trossingen, he conducted the workshop "jazz on the chromatic harmonica".

He performed at the gala concerts and was a jury member of the harmonica competitions at the 3rd Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Seoul/Korea (2000) and the 4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Atsugi/Japan (2002).

He is – alternating with Jamey Aebersold - a regular writer for the jazz column of the international magazine "The Harmonica Educator".

By now, Jens Bunge has recorded six CDs under his own name, and appears as a guest on recordings of Ralf Gauck, Peter Lehel, Chantal (http://www.chantal.de/de/html/entrance/) and many others.

Jens Bunge plays mainly a golden HOHNER “Super 64 Chromonica” and a “64 Chromonica” which has been optimized by Bill Romel, Las Vegas.